Continuing Professional Development

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Society For Education & Training (SET)

Geoff Petty
Using the RAR approach in practice

2021 Bling ABC

Mock Class Performance
45 mins

How to Teach Online Extended
120 mins

2021 Bling ABC


How to Teach Online
120 mins

Demo Class Performance
30 mins

2021 City and Guilds

Katherine Cooper
Functional English and Maths in Prisons

2021 City and Guilds

Katherine Cooper
Functional English and Maths in Prisons

2021 City and Guilds

Katherine Cooper
Functional English and Maths in Prisons

2021 City and Guilds

Katherine Cooper
Functional English and Maths in Prisons

2021 Hubspot Academy

Asynchronous Course and Exam
How to Run an Inbound Business

2021 City and Guilds

Katherine Cooper
Functional English and Maths in Prisons

2020 Further Education and Skills Teachers

Danielle Lloyd
Social Media and Technology

Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd
Online Teaching Methods

2020 City and Guilds

Pre-Employment Team
Functional English and Maths in Prisons

Paul Sceeny
Functional English and Maths in Prisons

Pre-Employment Team
Functional English and Maths in Prisons

2020 University College London

Dr. Amélie Saintonge
Dark Matter for Beginners

2020 Eduland Book Writing Project

Orientation and Training

2020 Cambridge Live Experience

Rod Ellis
Using tasks in language teaching

Ben Goldstein
Covid-19 and teaching

Olha Madylus
Time management

Andy Cope
Being Brilliant

Delia Kidd
Social distancing in the language classroom

Helen Allen
English teaching and learning with Kahoots

Claire Dembry and Olivia Goodman
Using research in your classroom

Claire Ross
Warmer activities for the socially distanced classroom

Dr Hugh Hunt
Teaching Physics

Professor Stephen Heppell
Optimising learning  at home and in school

Karen Momber, Evelina Glaczi and Ricardo Morales
The future of English teaching, learning and assessment

Diane Nicholls and Tamuna Winge
Improve your students writing skills with write and improve

Laura Sigsworth and Charlotte Pritchard
Develop Life Competencies in your classroom

Sarah Ellis and George Heritage
Supporting learning at home

Ricardo Morales and Brad Bawtinheimer
Building resilience in teachers and learners

Dr Krusemann
Engagement, confidence and success

Hayo Reinders
Encouraging active participation

Nicolas Mayfield
Socially distanced activities

Iris Bi
Helping learners build social and emotional foundations

Richard Gerver
Preparing for change in teaching

Tin Lee
Photography and teaching

Olivia Goodman
Developing independent learning

Rebecca Rios
Top resources for teachers WoBLf

Alex Martin and TBC
Minecraft and teaching

Oliver Escrit, Amanda Boid, Caroline Thiriau, Liane Grainger and Emily Hird
Starting activities

Kate Brierton
Sensitivity, empowerment and compassion in the classroom

Sarah Ellis and Fabio Galvanini
Teaching in Covid-19

Janice Wonng
Cooking and teaching

Lori Kaithan
Exams and Covid-19

Marianne Pickles and Christian Grant
Improving lessons with Exam Lift

Eric Baber, Matt Ellman, Karen Momber and Heidi Burrows
Successful professional development pan

Betsy Parrish
Optimising learner success through differentiation

Monica Poulter
Differentiation in the classroom

Rosalia Valero and Jonny Frank
Keeping energy levels up when teaching remotely

Darryl Cheng
Gardening and Teaching

 2020 Skills and Education Group

Tony Davis

Preparing for Live Assessment


Orientation and Training

2020-EF First

ESOL for Adult Learners (online)

 2019-2020 University College London

Post-Compulsory PGCE Adult Education and Training

 2019-2020 Saint Francis Xavier Sixth Form College

Assessment of/for Learning
Questioning Skills
Behaviour Management
Research and Share How2’s

 2019-2020 Kings College London

Dr McCabe

Communities of Philosophy Inquiry in Prisons

2019 ItutorGroup

ESOL for Adults and Children (Online)
Demo Class Training
Training for Recruitment

 2018 B* Learning (Vietnam)

Curriculum Design ESOL

2018 Washington Language Centre (Vietnam)

Orientation and Training

2014-2018 University of Glasgow

Theology and Religious Studies MA

2017 SAY ABC

ESOL for younger years (online)

150 Hour TEFL

2016 Lingue Senza Frontiere

ESOL for younger years
Orientation and Training

2013 Goldsmiths University

English Literature Foundation

2012 Darjeeling Children’s Trust

Orientation and Training


48 Hour Introductory TEFL

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