Professional Standards (A2)

The self-assessment task drew attention to varying aspects of my practice that I hadn’t considered. Though the self-assessment task was useful, it is worth noting that each aspect is prescribed and can only be rated out of 1-6. For deeper analysis, qualitative data may be more fruitful than quantitative. The highest category I scored inContinue reading “Professional Standards (A2)”

Virtue Ethics: COPI lesson

Introduction Connel writes ‘Knowledge itself is social, it does not exist in some ethereal realm outside society’ (Connel, 1993). In the current education system of the United Kingdom, facilitators often behave in a manner that knowledge needs to be prescribed to their learners, rather than seeing their learners as already possessing knowledge that can beContinue reading “Virtue Ethics: COPI lesson”

Woodhouse College and the Death of Education

Introduction Woodhouse College, located in West Finchley, London, enjoys a somewhat illustrious educational history. First established in 1923, the institute shares a joint history with Margret Thatcher and Hitler, also claiming to have been in the top five performing Sixth Form Colleges for the last 20 years. As I enjoyed a quaint stroll down theContinue reading “Woodhouse College and the Death of Education”

Good Teaching (A1)

In response to the question ‘What makes good teaching?’, I have decided to focus on five characteristics and one skill. The needs of learners commonly differ between classes, because of this teaching practice often has to change to facilitate learning. However, I believe that a facilitator who is patient, empathetic, confident and compassionate can useContinue reading “Good Teaching (A1)”