Philosophy and Art in Prisons: Curriculum design (A11)

Philosophy and Art in Prisons  Introduction My product enrichment curriculum aims to encourage transformation, to engage learners in critical thinking through communal philosophical inquiry and to promote participation in Yale University’s moralities of everyday life MOOC. The concept of transformation I use is based on Lori Pompa’s (2013) modal of inside-out pedagogy, in which classes of prisonersContinue reading “Philosophy and Art in Prisons: Curriculum design (A11)”

Virtue Ethics: COPI lesson

Introduction Connel writes ‘Knowledge itself is social, it does not exist in some ethereal realm outside society’ (Connel, 1993). In the current education system of the United Kingdom, facilitators often behave in a manner that knowledge needs to be prescribed to their learners, rather than seeing their learners as already possessing knowledge that can beContinue reading “Virtue Ethics: COPI lesson”